Since my first book was released, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to speak to various groups. If you are interested in having me talk to your group or club, please get in touch by clicking on CONTACT from the menu bar. Talks/workshops can be tailored to your event.

A Sample of Topic Titles:

  • Dream Big: Inspiration for Authors-in-Training – Publishing that first novel can be more than frustrating. Too much rejection and too much time waiting for one’s dream to come true can often cause a talented writer to give up. Mystery author, Cathy Elliott, shares her personal journey from writer wannabe to published author and includes tips and tools of the trade to assure success along the way.
  • Writing 101: From Glimmer to Goal – Have an idea for a book? Always wanted to write but don’t know where to begin? And what the heck is a synopsis? Author Cathy Elliott describes how to move from that first idea to a polished proposal – the kind that might turn an editor’s head your way. She explains those elusive writer terms and offers insights to help you get started on your writing journey. A Q&A session will follow.
  • Turn Rejection into ReDIRECTION –Rejection is a part of every submitting writer’s sphere, often leaving us feeling defeated and worthless. It seems we continually struggle with self-worth; either we have too much, or not enough. Most often, not enough. Especially with that latest rejection slip in hand. Turn it into redirection, instead. Cathy Elliott speaks out of her own experiences to encourage new and enduring writers.
  • Writing Out of Your Circumstances – God speaks to us through our circumstances. Writers have an opportunity and a challenge to use them–whether traumatic or triumphant–to create reality in their stories. Cathy Elliott talks about one of her own life-changing experiences and how God redeemed it to create authenticity on the page in this inspiring talk.
  • More Alike Than You Think: Crafting a Quilt & Writing a Book – Piecing together fabric and plotting pages in a book? At first glance, one might not think to compare the two. But author and quilter, Cathy Elliott, sees many similarities between these pursuits and shares them in this inspirational talk about connections within the creative process.
  • Before the Book: The Art of Creative Waiting – We all want to sign that contract, to hold that new novel in our hands. But the road to publication is paved with patience; to be a writer is “to wait.” Cathy Elliott encourages writers still in the “Waiting Room” and offers innovative ideas to make the most of those long days.
  • After the Book: The Art of Productive Promotion – At last, your book is being released! What can you do to help get the word out? Apart from hiring a publicist? Partnering with your publication house through author promotion is common, even expected. Suggestions that don’t break the bank are offered and attendees will learn to avoid mistakes from Cathy Elliott’s own experience.

Additional Workshop Topics:

  • Curl Up With a Cozy – What in the world is a cozy mystery?
  • A How-To for a Who-Done-It: Cozy Style – Want to write a cozy? Here’s how to map out your mystery.
  • Subtle Shades of the Mystery Genre – From Cozy to Crime Novel – How to make sure your mystery fits into the marketing mix.
  • Query Clinic – How to buff up your query letter until it shines.
  • Niche Writing – Find unexpected opportunities and see those clips multiply!

Feedback from workshop attendees:

  • “Charming and informative! A super job…humorous…obviously the audience loved it. You left them asking for more.” Suzanne Kowalewski, Writers’ Forum Program Chair, CA
  • “A captivating speaker as well as an author, Cathy recently spoke to an audience at a Fine Arts Camp on the joys and demands of writing mixed with real life routines, celebrations, and trials. Thoughtful, inspiring, witty, and entertaining.”  Kimberley Brumbaugh, Fine Arts Instructor, CA
  • “Cathy Elliott is an accomplished speaker who addresses her audience with wit, humor, and good solid information. When she uncorks the stand-up comic genie that lives inside, audiences can’t get enough.” Sharon St. George, Writing Consultant & Mystery Writer, CA
  • “A delightful presentation! Ms. Elliott is as witty and charming as her novel’s main character Thea James.” Cheryl Cruse, Librarian, CA
  • “What a wonderful talk! Valuable tips presented in an enjoyable way. …Open and honest, and you touch people’s hearts. I knew I would feel uplifted, and I was.” Marla Doherty, Writer, CA