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Got Milk?

My friend, Lois, broke her arm recently. Over the past couple weeks, she has stored up many examples of God’s kind care from the first moment she fell…with phone in hand. Each passing day, He worked out every detail, providing whatever she needed. Lois told me one such story that was nothing less than amazing.

The other evening she decided to drink her customary glass of milk. Sitting in her recliner, Lois reached for the half-full glass. And accidentally knocked it over.

“Oh, no! Now what will I do?” she wondered, frustrated. With only her left arm functioning, it would be impossible for her to balance between the recliner and side table to clean up the mess. (Anyone who has ever dealt with spilled milk knows it must not be left to sour. That’s a fragrance one doesn’t want to encourage.)

Lois struggled to her feet, hurried into the kitchen, and grabbed a terry cloth towel. Perhaps if she covered the spill, the cloth would soak up most of the liquid. Then, maybe someone would soon stop by and finish the job.
But when she got ready to toss in the towel, Lois didn’t see her carpet in chaos after all. Instead, the glass sat upright on the floor. Plus, all of the milk still seemed to be inside the glass. If any had sloshed over, it wasn’t obvious.

How could that be? It felt like a magician’s trick, but Lois knew it was God’s loving-kindness. Again.

Why would He bother with such a minute detail? Because God dearly loves Lois. Her experience illustrates how very much He cares about even the most petite problems in our lives. Some say the devil is in the details – but I think this proves it to be quite the opposite. God is concerned with what concerns us.

That’s one detail I plan to remember.


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