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Bird Watching

Here in Northern California we’ve seen more rain this winter than in the last several years. It is very welcome, but one drawback for me, personally, is that my back yard becomes a bit of a swamp in this sort of weather. I live near a river and the water table is high anyway. With enough rain, one’s walk in the yard should not be attempted without waders.

The other day I hurried out to my car, ready for work, but stressed because there was so much to accomplish once I got there. Would it all get done? Inside my vehicle, I fumbled to fit the key in the ignition and glanced through the windshield toward my little patch of wetland beyond the carport. Oh, dear. How flooded was the yard today? But instead of water, I noticed dozens of birds gathered on the green. What could they want in all that soggy grass? Perhaps a wealth of worms had made their way to the surface and the birds were all aflutter with desire for a gourmet dinner. They were certainly busy as could be, pecking at the ground, grazing like a herd of heifers in sweet alfalfa.

Then I remembered how my friend, Roxy, always looked for the first robin of spring, a habit begun long ago as a child. A sign of new life…new beginnings. Could these buxom birds congregated in my back yard be robins? I couldn’t be sure. They were too far away to identify with my iffy eyesight.

But as I watched, I found their industry enlightening. Not one sat by the sidelines while others did all the dirty work. Each played his part, taking responsibility for finding his own food. And he did so joyfully.

Ecclesiastes 5:19 says, “…it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God.” (NLT) I loved the concept – that enjoying one’s work and situation in life was a gift from God. Watching those plump silhouettes eagerly jab at the soil made me wonder if I truly appreciated all I’d been given. Or enjoyed my work with such gusto.

I fired up the engine and the flock took flight in one majestic movement, gracefully landing in a field beyond my property. Driving away, I sensed a new attitude replacing my formerly fretful mood. One of new beginnings. And of appreciation for my gift of work.

Between you and me, if those birds wanted to graze in my yard tomorrow, they’d be just as welcome as the rain.

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