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Sweet Thoughts

When my calendar flips to February, thoughts of red roses and boxes of chocolates rush to mind on the very first day. Okay, not for me, but I don’t mind. There are love gifts to put together so I begin to plan my strategy. It is my custom to make up special “Auntie loves you” presents for my youngest niece and nephew. And…for the third year, I have my little granddaughter to think about, too. These are my sweethearts and giving to them makes my holiday bright.

I remember back a few years when my friend, Judy, was making her way through dark days after her divorce. Because of her sensitivity to no longer being part of a couple, Judy saw that fellowship of pain all around her. Especially in her workplace where single gals watched as wives were showered with bouquets of flowers and touching love notes. Judy used to be one of those wives. In fact, Valentine’s Day had been when her ex-husband first asked her to be his girlfriend. Over their married life, they always celebrated the day as a kind of second anniversary. Now she was an onlooker, a kid outside the candy store longing for her own box of Sweethearts.

Out of empathy, Judy made up Valentine’s Day treats especially geared to please each unmarried woman. She arrived at work early and placed each gift on a friend’s desk with a card. Candy for this one, home-made goodies for another. She recalled one woman, divorced for years, later phoning her tearful thanks. The potted tulips delivered by Judy had been the first flowers the woman had received in all that time. The experience did much to heal Judy’s heart that day and she continues the practice still.

I loved Judy’s generosity to her single sisters. And her creativity, too. Come to think of it, I know a couple gals who might enjoy a little secret Santa action long after Christmas is over. Something sweet, decorated with hearts and flowers. And friendship.

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