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Downton Abbey Spoofs – A.K.A. Poor Mr. Bates!


As a “Downton Abbey” devotee, I recently received an email link to a series spoof. It spurred me to cyber-search for even more clever parodies. Below are some of the best on the web:

  • “Downton Arby’s”  Just the name is enough to start the smiles. Stars comic Richard Kind and is a favorite of Downton creator, Julian Fellowes. Of course, Thomas is up to no good and targets the unsuspecting Bates.
  •  “Uptown Downstairs Abbey” ParodyOn screen interviews with cast members and writer/creator Julian Fellowes (not) keep it entertaining. Bates takes a few unfortunate falls for the good of the order. Stars Kim Cattrall, Jennifer Saunders, and Joanna Lumley.
  •  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Downton SixbyFallon morphs into stuffy Lord Grantham opposite Brook Shields, playing his Lady. Clomping about in an iron orthopedic boot, Mr. Bates steals the show. Until Hedith, Grantham’s unlovely daughter, steals it back for the aristocrats. Very funny!  (NOTE: Colorful language alert.)
  •  And my personal favorite, the Muppets star in Upside-Downton Abbey”  – Adorable. But one is left with the question, what happened to the tea? (You’ll see what I mean at the end.) Sadly, Bates does not appear, but the interaction between the former Lady Grantham and Carson tease the funny bone.

Post Script. For further Downton Abbey fun, check out these sites:

  •  “If Downton Abbey Characters Were Played By Dogs” – The Downton characters as dogs. And one cat, since the dowager countess is “too uppity to be a dog.” Brilliant.
  • Not to be missed are these wonderful drawings by Kim Parkhurst – “Downton Abbey as Dogs & Cats.” Incredible! Mrs. Patmore’s likeness is a hoot. These are available on Etsy for purchase should your drawing room require a tasteful,  updated decor.
  • And who expected this Downton meets American Gothic portrait parody?

Source: Veni Vidi Vichins on Tumblr

Plenty of getting-Downton-fun for all. Enjoy.


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