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Open Door Policy

I had just finished an afternoon of writing at my favorite local coffee shop, saved my work to the computer, and packed it out to my car.  The day had turned hot and it occurred to me that driving home with the windows down might be a good option. Considering the high price of gas, how much cash could I save by not turning on the air conditioner?

But the passenger window in my new Honda would not open. Nor had it opened in the two months since I bought the car. Apparently, Hondaleezza was not going to start the behavior tonight. Figuring it must have something to do with the child safety lock, I tried locking & unlocking the door using my driver-side button. But no matter the setting, the window would not relinquish control to me.

Making every adjustment I could conceive, short of checking the manual, I finally walked around and opened the passenger door. I discovered a little plastic lever that had to be the troublemaker and flipped it into a different position. Hurray! Was I clever or what?

The answer? Or what.

Expecting to hear that quality thunk when I gave the door a gentle slam, I heard the opposite. An unfortunate whack as the door bounced back out. Now it wouldn’t shut.

Only ten minutes to seven. Did I have time to get to Honda for a fix? And how would I get there with my door hanging open in the traffic?

Switching to survival mode, I grabbed my umbrella from the back, hooked the handle, and held on to the tip with all my strength. Rounding each corner was a challenge; the door pulled hard against the umbrella, with a mind to wander. A pickup passed so close on my left I shuddered, knowing it would have snapped off my passenger door, but for my trusty anti-rain device.

Honda was closed when I drove in, my fingers frozen around the umbrella end. But a Honda-lurking stranger accidentally figured out the door dilemma, while informing me about dealership’s open hours. Several times.

Still, a pretty good ending to my story. Going forward, I’ve decided to just use my air conditioner and leave the window up. I relinquish control.

At least until I study the owner’s manual.


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