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On the Road Again

I consider truckers to be angels of the road.

Semi in Mirror

Is that an angel back there?

Many times I have trailed a truck late at night on the freeway, or been trailed by one for miles, comforted by the presence of an unknown trucker. It isn’t unusual for me to exit the Interstate and receive a sort of salute from the truck behind me. Flashing headlights say, “Glad you’re home safe. Bye for now.”

These days, I often tuck in behind a big-rig in hopes of a tailwind to save fuel.  (Still adjusting to my new SUV’s mileage after years of driving an economy car.) Then when my inner Andretti doesn’t want to dawdle, I’ll speed up to stalk another truck that sets a smarter pace.

A few days ago, I traveled from the San Francisco peninsula to my home in Northern California. Driving on the Luther Gibson Freeway, I nestled my Honda behind a large truck. The roadside scenery was lush and pastoral and pristine. A nice contrast to the back of the fuel-saving-semi ahead, covered with dirt.

Pulling nearer, I saw words written in the dust (a kind word for filth) and strained to read them.  I expected, “Go Tigers!” or “Vote for So-and-so.” Instead….

“Cristo, el río de la vida.”

Never had I seen a more apt message written on the back of any vehicle. Or anywhere, for that matter. Christ, the River of Life!  Maybe not a sign from Heaven, but certainly a sign that pointed to Paradise. What a joyful reminder!

Semi Truck on Highway

On the road to Paradise….

Silently thanking the trucker who had authored the words that  day, I followed him until we went our separate ways.

Along the same river.


NOTE: If you are a trucker or one is dear to you, check out the Christian Truckers Network for encouragement, resources, and help,  sharing the faith while laboring in the transport service industry.


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