Quilting Cousins

Recently, a stunning quilt top was handed off – from cousin Linda (in Prineville, OR) to cousin Gary (who played delivery guy) to cousin (me). Fingers fumbling, I opened the box, ready for a first glimpse. I unfolded it and caught my breath. Gorgeous! And what a treat to partner with Linda Gholson, quilter extraordinaire, in this part of my novel journey with Abingdon Press.

Tail in the Rail Quilt

“Tail in the Rail” Quilt

My upcoming “Quilts of Love” mystery, A Stitch in Crime, features Thea James stitching on this very quilt in her spare time. (Not that she has much of it. Too busy trying to figure out whodunit.)

I’ve named the quilt “Tail in the Rail” because the pattern consists of Fence Rail blocks, floral sashing, and Aunt Elena’s Nine Patch variation of a kitty-cat to represent Betty, the feisty calico in the story. It’s my own design, along with Linda’s artistic twist. Like in the book, the quilt fabric is all from the Smithsonian Collection, no longer available. This quilt is a treasure, indeed.

Though Thea hand-quilted the book’s rendition, mine will be sent to Stacy Boyd, a wonderful local quilter. With a long-arm quilting machine.

Quilt Backing & Top

Quilt Backing & Top

Between unfurling the thing and admiring it from this angle and that, I must now decide if the backing I bought is a good match.

Hmm. Too dark? Good enough?

Nope. “Good enough” isn’t good enough for this lovely quilt. Off to get new muslin….

"Tail in the Rail" Quilt

“Tail in the Rail” Quilt

NOTE: If you’d like to make this quilt, take heart. I hope to make the “Tail in the Rail” pattern available when A Stitch in Crime is released in January 2015. Stay tuned.


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13 responses to “Quilting Cousins

  1. Roxy Henke

    How fun!! I didn’t know there was a new book ready to launch…can’t wait!! And love the idea of having a new quilt to commemorate the occasion.

  2. Such a lovely story, this story behind the book. Thank you for sharing. I am waiting to read Thea’s latest adventure with great anticipation. Beautiful quilt, Cathy. your cousin created a work of art!

    • I agree, Kathy. Linda’s quilts are always amazing. I feel privileged that she put all that time and thought into mine. I’ll be pulling it out for everyone to see about January 2015. 🙂

  3. Cathy, how exciting to receive an heirloom like this and be able to feature it in your upcoming book! The quilt will be gorgeous when it’s finished. Can’t wait to read your book!

  4. Reblogged this on Sparrow Falls Mystery and commented:
    Such a lovely quilt! I enjoy sewing but quilting is one thing I have yet to attempt. My hobbies run along the lines of making doll clothes from antique patterns to making baby dolls clothes that are strictly for the enjoyment of the tots to which I give them. Oh, and reading and writing cozy mysteries.

    • Donna, thank you! For the kind words and for reblogging my post. So nice. Had to follow you. 🙂 Love the doll clothes hobby. Do any of your characters do the same? Nice to meet another cozy author.

      • Thank you for following! The sleuth in my novels, Ms. Tilda, seems to know how to do everything. She is based upon numerous relatives who always seem to be cooking, sewing, quilting, crocheting, crafting, and so on. Wish I had inherited the crafting gene! It’s nice to find cozy authors on wordpress, seems like there should be more.

  5. What a lovely quilt! Can’t wait to hear all about Thea’s new adventures!

  6. Dear Cathy,
    I am honored that the publishers used my quilt on the front of your new book! I cannot wait to read it. I have patiently waited for over a year for the story and seeing the cover “in person”! I wish you much success and a very Happy New Year!
    Angela McInnis

    • Angela!!! I LOVE-LOVE your quilt. So perfect for the book. Looks vintage – is it? And beautiful stitching, even all the beads sewn in went well with the old crazy quilt in the story. I even mentioned a spider web would be great since it meant good luck in Victorian times…and there it was! The quilt is gorgeous! Did you make it? I think I have to email you…. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know and I hope you really enjoy the book. With that stellar cover. Best to you in 2015, too. Cathy

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