What’s in a (Hobbit) Name?

I never cared for my name. Cathy. Not Catherine or Cathleen. Just plain Cathy.  Though, when my mom told me they considered “Bunny” because I was born on Easter, I decided Cathy wasn’t so dreadful, after all.https://i0.wp.com/media.cmgdigital.com/shared/img/photos/2013/05/31/89/84/baby_name.jpg

But it was common. Cathy was the Jennifer of my generation. In high school, I hung out with three other gals with the same name. The unique thing about mine? It started with a C. Wow. The others were K-gals. Still, I longed for something beyond a nickname.

Something romantic and memorable. Like Fiona! Ah….

Not long ago, an Elder at our church, smitten with all things Tolkien, told us he’d looked up his Hobbit name online. The first name was cool – Miles. But the last name spanked – Chubb. Miles Chubb. He wasn’t happy.

I was excited. This was new name territory I could cozy up with – my very own Hobbit name. How bad could it be?

Pretty bad. The Hobbit Name Generator informed me:

Your Hobbit Name is Celandine Gawkroger. Gawkroger, a name only appearing in drafts as a predecessor to ‘Goodbody’. Also spelled Gaukroger. The name means ‘clumsy roger.’

You share your Christian name Celandine, with a Celandine Brandybuck (2994–?): The third child of Seredic and Hilda Brandybuck, she attended Bilbo’s farewell party.

How enchanting. Ms. Brandybuck attended Bilbo’s party. And we shared the lovely name, Celandine. (I decided to try again.)

2nd Try at a Hobbit name:

Your Hobbit Name is Pearl Took. Took, a wealthy family who held the Thainship. The name had no specific meaning.

You share your Christian name Pearl, with a Pearl (Took): (2975–?) was the eldest sister of Peregrin “Pippin” Took. She also had two sisters named Pimpernel and Pervinca. Pearl probably died sometime before the year 63 of the Fourth Age when Pippin left the Shire to live in Gondor.



Okay, I did like the name Pearl. And I knew a really sweet quilter with the last name Tooker. An improvement over my Gawkroger moniker, but I figured I could do better. Using a different name generator.

A Lord of the Rings Name Generator, My Precious, declared:

Cathy Elliott, from this day forward you will also be known as Ducla ‘Proudfoot’-Proudfoot of the Bree.

Uh…no, thanks. This wasn’t working for me. Celandine Gawkroger? Pearl Took? Ducla Proudfoot? Maybe I wasn’t meant for Hobbit-hood. Tweaking the same LOTR Generator, I tried my Elven name. Twice. The result stopped my search:

Cathy Elliott, from this day forward you will also be known as Fonia Eluchíl.

This, I could embrace. It wasn’t quite my favorite Fiona-name. But close enough.



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18 responses to “What’s in a (Hobbit) Name?

  1. Love this…and I’m gonna give it a try!! You always find the most fun sites! I like Pearl….you are priceless… and one of my favorite cousins was named Pearlie…Thanks for sharing….Fonia/Fiona dear!

    • Can’t wait to hear what you come up with in the Hobbit world, Kate. I really do like Pearl, as well. Once upon a time when I’d hear that name, I’d immediately think of Minnie Pearl. (Too much Hee-Haw?) But then I named a book character Pearl, a little girl who is the gem of her father’s eye. I came to love her and also the name. 🙂

  2. LOL Love this Cathy. I too am a receiver of a common-of-the generation name. Cindy. Not Cynthia or Synthia or any other way you want to spell it. My father said it’s Cindy an there’s no changing it.

    One day, I noticed one of those racks that have cards with name meanings you see here and there. I picked one with the name Cindy and took a look. Moon. First thought,”Are you kidding me?”, but then I looked at the small print underneath. A light in the darkness. Okay, that made me feel better. After consideration I did realize the moon reflects the sun. Change that to “reflect the Son (Jesus)” and I could finally come to terms with my simple name. Isn’t it funny how we struggle with definitions that others assign to our name according to human standards when God has assigned us the name of “His Child”.

    Thanks for the heads up on these name generators. I think I’ll just stay where I’m at. Oh well, at least I spell my name right. 🙂

    • Cindy, my father said basically the same thing. My mom wanted to name me Cathleen and call me Cathy. His reply, “If we call her Cathy we’ll name her Cathy.” And there it was for all time. Earthly time, that is. Until I visited Middle Earth!

      I love the meaning of your name, Moon. And how you reasoned it out. Beautiful.

  3. Dearest Lady Catherine ~ I am still laughing! And I should be getting ready to read to numerous small children but I just have to respond before I go.
    I too share your lifelong travesty for I am, Kathy, not Kathryn or Kathleen. I am, a nickname. Worse yet, I come from a family of eight daughters, all with beautiful FULL Irish names ~ Shawne, Maureen, Bridget, Erin, Kelly, Shannon and Meghan! No nicknames there. And I wasn’t the last born when my dear parents had run out of creativity. Oh, no! I am second born, right after, Shawne Katheen! That’s right, plain old Kathy Marie was all mom and dad could swing after their first born.
    So your Hobbit name appeals to me. I must check it out. Yes indeedy.
    Surely there is an exotic name awaiting me is I try this avenue. Something like, Olivia or Isabella. Of course I may end up with a fearsome moniker for a last name ~ runt of the goat people, or ewgala wart snorkle.
    But I will surely give it a try anyway.
    I did find contentment when it was pointed out to me that as a believer my name Kathy means ~ Pure in the sight of the Lord.
    So my soul sister and fellow plain name, (C) athy, from (K) athy of the 1950’s, perhaps we should make up our own Name Wheel of Fabulous! Spin three times and it automatically lands on Fiona and Isabella with a bonus middle name we can share ~ Elizabet!
    FYI ~ my chosen nick name as a note passer in high school was ~ Kick!
    Off to read to the kiddos now, my regulars are: Olivia, Aubrey, Allie, Abigail, Arianna, and Tad!

    • Kathy…I feel your pain! As another Cathy Marie, two of my high school friends were also Kathy Marie’s. But at least Kathleen Marie. Wasn’t there any originality in the 50s? 🙂

      Love the crazy names you came up with in your comment and long to hear “who” you really are – in Middle Earth, anyway. Pure fun.

  4. How absolutely hilarious!! I’m on my way to try my own results. Thanks for sharing, Cathy! 🙂 I needed a laugh today. 🙂

  5. Linda Hancock

    Oh how funny! hmmm, I wonder what they would do with ‘Linda?’ Do you KNOW how MANY Linda’s there are in this town???

    • You have a name like mine, Linda. A bit overused. There are live links on the site and you can click to use the name generator. I’d love to know what your Hobbit name is…. 🙂

      • Linda Hancock

        Hey, my Hobbit name has a nice ring to it: Primula Brandybuck.
        Your Hobbit Name is Primula Brandybuck. Brandybuck, an important family of Fallohide origin that founded and was primarily found in the Buckland. The Westron form of ‘Brandybuck’ was Brandagamba. This roughly translates into Borderland Buck or Borderland Young Man.

  6. Asphodel Townsend! that is my charming Hobbit name! UGH!

  7. Got this on my first try:
    Your Hobbit Name is Andwise Brownlock. Brownlock, shire hobbits whose name may refer to brown hair.

    You share your Christian name Andwise, with a Andwise “Andy” Roper: The eldest brother of Hamfast Gamgee and uncle to Samwise Gamgee. His profession, as befitted his name, was rope-making.

  8. My wizard name:
    Chris Yeager,
    from this day forward you will also be known as
    Melian, Lord of the West

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