Here We Come a’Pinteresting!

We all have our treasured Christmas traditions. In my world, many of those traditions have changed and are still changing. Fast.

For instance, our family used to gather right after Thanksgiving, cram ourselves into a couple vehicles, & head for the mountains. With boots crunching the hard packed snow, we spent chilly hours choosing the perfect tree for each household, roping them to the tops of the SUVs. Then, with our breaths icy puffs, we waited while my mom poured steaming hot chocolate from an oversized thermos, passing us each a mug to warm our hands & our tummies.

Christmas Trees to Cut

Back home at the folk’s, Mother warmed up a big pot of Beef Burger Soup, which we downed with grilled cheese sandwiches. A nice change from the turkey overload. Then, time for the tree trimming to begin. With carols on the stereo, we helped the folks start their decorating. Stringing lights & hanging our favorite family ornaments, we made very merry. Then, one by one, departed home to dress up our own trees.

Christmas Ornaments

Eventually, the tree-cutting custom became too much for my aging parents. A store-bought, fake tree did the honors for the next seasons. A tradition lost. And missed. Ah…nostalgia knocks.

Fast-forward a number of years. Our parents passed away & we feel their absence. Yet, we still keep Christmas – just much differently now. My daughter is married with a family of her own. It’s delicious to have little ones excited about decorating the tree. Or maybe more accurately, “…excited about pulling ornaments off the tree.”

Gift cards for iTunes, Blue Ray DVDs, & the latest technological gadgets have replaced the shirt & tie as popular presents. It really is a new day.

There have been changes for me, too. Five years back, I finally dumped my dial-up for wireless. Got an iPhone. (About time I joined the twenty-first century.) Then decided to decorate my Pinterest page for the holidays. It took valuable time away from the vacuuming, true, but I managed to find a Christmasy cover for each of my Pinterest boards. It was such fun – almost as if I was stringing sparkly lights on the tree.

Too much? Probably. Overkill is my middle name. (Shh. Don’t tell anyone!) Take a look at my Pinterest Site at: to judge for yourself. While you’re there, check out my “Christmas Crafts” & “Christmas Quilts” boards. Also, “Christmas Decor” & “Christmas Recipes.” They are filled with great ideas for making your holiday even more festive!

I think I like Pinterest a bit more than I should. And I love Christmas! Combining the two is a given. Maybe I’ve just started a new tradition.




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2 responses to “Here We Come a’Pinteresting!

  1. Judy Gordon Morrow

    Impressive, Cathy! I think you need to come see me so you can help usher me into the 21st century, albeit, a bit late. Loved your title, and now the wassailing song is keeping me company. Thanks for the smiles this gave me!

    • Cathy Elliott

      Aw, thank you, Judy. I was a foot-dragger to the techno-table, for sure. But am enjoying my new toys and wondering what took me so long. So pleased you dropped by and wishing you the merriest Christmas ever. 🙂

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