The Name Game

Tomorrow is my third week anniversary.

Okay, before you lay congrats on me, it’s only with my new car.  But it feels like the beginning of a long relationship. And I wanted to give my new Honda CRV a great name.

We women often name our cars, right? And I wanted just the right name for my Honda. As usual, I did a little research online. The Namely Yours site gave a number of trends that are popular when considering your car’s new name.

Trend #1: Naming your car because of its color. Some of my favorites:

  • Smurf (an obvious blue choice)
  • The Pumpkin-mobile (orange and maybe tasteful?)
  • Goldilocks (all that glitters)
  • Beryl the Yellow Peril (self-explanatory)
  • Kermit (makes me want to sing about rainbows)

Trend #2: A male or female name after someone you know.

  • Most popular name – Betsy
  • Veronica – Hey! I once had a car with that name.
  • Buddy – who doesn’t need a little Buddy? (The Skipper does, for sure!)

Trend #3: Naming your car after its appearance.

  • The War Wagon – a Dodge Charger
  • The Hearse – a big black station wagon

Trend #4: Regarding the make or model of your car.

  • Oldsmellobile – Oldsmobile
  • Charlotte – a Spyder convertible
  • Thumper – a Volkswagon Rabbit, of course!
  • Zoom-zoom – that was my last car, a Mazda

And Trend #5: Named for a unique or undesirable trait.

  • Putt-putt-bang (enough said)

I decided to go with Trend #2 and name my Honda after someone I truly admire. What do you think?

Hondaleezza Rice.


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2 responses to “The Name Game

  1. Barbara Dawson

    Your blog posts always make me smile. This one is no exception! Congrats on the brand new car! I am sure you and Hondaleezza Rice will enjoy each others company for a long time!! Enjoy the ride!! Great name choice, by the way! Very creative!

    • Cathy Elliott

      Thanks, Barbara. Yes, I’m sure you are right. Hondaleezza & I will be a team for a very long time. 🙂 We’ll take care of each other!

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