Rabbit Trails

Max & Ruby. Ruby & Max. Two cuter bunnies have not been seen since Beatrix Potter gave us Mr. McGregor’s garden-gate-crashers.

Inspired by the Rosemary Wells children’s books I have loved for years, these DVDs star mischievous Max and his long-suffering-big-sister, Ruby. My granddaughter, Sidney, likes these sweet adventures. Me, too. I’ve bought more than a few for us to enjoy together.

The other day, I found an unfamiliar episode called “Ruby Writes a Story.” What could be better for a writer? It made sense to add it to my collection of writing-related DVDs. Maybe I could show it at our writer’s group, Quills of Faith. A legit reason to keep a Max & Ruby story for myself, right?

Max & Ruby: Ruby Writes a Story

Ruby Writes a Story

I was all anticipation as I shoved the disc into my computer. What wonderful wisdom would Ruby have for us writers? After all, her creator, Rosemary Wells, was a prolific children’s book author. Maybe there was a wee writer nugget somewhere in this little story.

But I didn’t love it.

The characters were still adorable. I related to Ruby’s struggle to start her “Once upon a time” story, while Max, astride his stick horse, roped his wind-up lobster and herded toy chicks. Such distractions are a part of the writer life.

I detected a wee gem, too: the story you seek might be right in front of you. And it could start, “Once upon a time, there was a cowboy….”

But for me, the best part of the Max & Ruby adventures is sharing them with my granddaughter, Sidney. Hearing her cute comments and contagious giggles always pushes the experience over-the-top.

The new DVD and I are planning a trip soon.


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7 responses to “Rabbit Trails

  1. Have a wonderful snuggling, “Once upon a time with Sidney.” Keep those stories coming.

  2. Barbara Bryant

    Does this mean you’re not going to show it at Quill’s? I was getting excited. I love bunnies!

  3. Karen Cranfill

    Have Cathy tell about this at Quills for sure! You don’t need a video at all, just let her speak and all the fanciful scenes will fill your heart!

  4. Kimberly Shaw

    Bummer… I wish it was good enough to share!

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