Techno Tangle

In an effort to de-clutter and simplify my space, I just emptied out my antique armoire drawer of all the long-collected videos I can no longer play because I have no VCR. I have a DVD player, like everyone else, and am quite captivated by the idea of storing only those slim squares of entertainment-filled plastic from now on.

But I can’t say goodbye to my Danny Kaye videos. After researching online, I find the same titles in DVD are not good quality. Do I want substandard Danny Kaye movies? I mean, it’s Danny Kaye! Should I be subjected to faded DVD colors when I’m used to the Technicolor brilliance of The Court Jester, Inspector General, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? In good old video?

I think not. Besides, they look so nice and comfy in that big drawer.

Woman’s World, with Lauren Bacall, Fred MacMurray, and my favorite Cornel Wilde, is not even offered in DVD.  Another video I’ll have to keep. Really, there is no choice.

Some I’ve already substituted with DVDs: American Dreamer with Jo Beth Williams, Crossing Delancy with Amy Irving, the Pride & Prejudice BBC collection, Without A Clue starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley.

What about my dear Christmas movies! I have to replace those. Oh, dear. This is getting expensive.

I gaze at The Three Lives of Thomasina and the rest of my Disney films, lovingly collected for my future grandchild, who is here at last. I can’t toss out those charming adventures when Sidney might enjoy a movie night with her Gramsey.

The drawer is filling up again. Note to self: Buy new VCR.


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8 responses to “Techno Tangle

  1. Yes, a new VCR is the solution! Comfort films are not easily tossed aside!
    Laughed, because if I attempted to clean out our VCR drawer, I know I would come to the same conclusion. Enjoyed your post!

    • Barbara Bryant

      You are so right! Better hurry and buy that VCR before they follow in the footsteps of 8-tracks and disappear forever!

      • Cathy Elliott

        Oh, dear. Good thinking, Barbara. It better go to the head of the list. Highlighted in yellow. Underlined. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Cathy Elliott

      Comfort films is the right term, Kathy. And I even have a number of old black & while 16 mm reels that belonged to my cousin long ago. Can’t toss Woody Woodpecker or Abbott & Costello, can I?

      Is there a pill for this?

  2. Georgia Denny

    Dearest Cathy,
    I have the same thing in my front room. I even kept my Beta Player because it’s so easy to keep the clock going, and they are all plugged into cable. What am I to do when I move back to Redding? And I still have some Beta’s I can play! I also have Woody Woodpecker on video! Must keep them all! Love, Georgia

  3. Marisa Shadrick

    You’re going to hate me but I gave all my “someday” grandma movies to a mom that had a VCR and didn’t want her kids watching unsupervised programs. I had quite a collection and her kids are enjoying them as much as my kids did. I figured if God provided then, He’ll provide again later.

    Besides, with Netflix and free online movie sites like Hulu, many older movies are available to watch without compromising the quality. (I’m a Tammy fan, myself.) If you decide to get a new VCR, better get two because I’m sure they will “poof” out of existence.

    • Cathy Elliott

      Actually, Marisa, that sounds like a good home for your movies. I have given a bunch to the local library now, and some to my cousin in Oregon, who still has a VCR. RE: online movies, etc., would you believe I still have dial-up? So really, a VCR is just my speed! Or, make that TWO VCRs. Great tip. 🙂

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