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When an author gets that first glimpse of her new book cover, it’s a lot like seeing your new-born baby for the first time. You’ve waited so long for this…anticipating what it will be, wondering how it will look. Will it reflect my vision of the heart of the story?  Will it look like me?

Last month, I received the mock-up of the cover for my second book, a cozy mystery titled Medals in the Attic. There was an immediate bonding of author to cover and a kind of delicious delight overwhelmed me. This cover would represent the story, the reader’s invitation to the drama first played out in my head and later transferred to the page. And it was beautiful! (Stevie Wonder’s song, “Isn’t She Lovely” comes to mind, though that might be overkill.)

Medals in the Attic Cover

Medals in the Attic Cover

As I lingered, looking at the exquisite artwork, why was I surprised by its loveliness? After all, the first book in the Annie’s Attic Mystery Series, Lady in the Attic, was gorgeous. The publishing house, DRG, had done a quality job in every way. Should I expect less for my book?

When I emailed my cover jpg to my agent, she replied, “It’s a stunning cover, Cathy…I’d pick the book up in a millisecond.”

Sah-weet, I thought, a permanent grin fixing itself on my face. She was right. This cover could entice any reader into Annie’s world…in a millisecond. My thanks to the folks at DRG for their amazing effort. If I was wearing a hat, it would be off to you.

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